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Kết quả xổ số hôm nay tốt . If you’re a , you may be eligible too.

  • and other education programs.
  • Compare schools with the .

Forever GI Bill

Kết quả xổ số hôm nay tốtThe makes big changes to many veterans education benefits. Most changes expand or improve upon existing benefits. Highlights include:

  • to people who lost them because their school closed
  • Eliminating the 15-year time limit for those who left active duty on or after January 1, 2013

Many other changes are in effect or coming. See a detailed list of .

Military Tuition Assistance

If you're in the military now, your unit may pay for your tuition if you attend college in your off-duty time.

  • Learn about the .
  • and help you make the best use of your tuition assistance dollars.

Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC)

Frequent military transfers can make it hard to get your degree. But can help. These civilian colleges and universities:

  • Make transferring credits easy
  • Reduce the number of credits you must earn at their school to get a degree
  • Give classes on or near military installations in the U.S., overseas, and on military ships
  • Offer distance learning programs
  • Offer degrees that match your military job
  • Are open to service members and their families

Military Spouse Tuition Assistance

If you’re a military spouse, you can find help paying for college or vocational training too. There are many scholarships, grants, and interest-free loans. Find sources of .

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Last Updated: December 8, 2020